It is RoS that is being funny, says DAP


KOTA KINABALU: DAP Sabah publicity secretary Phoong Jin Zhe said it is the Registrar of Society (RoS) that is being ridiculous and funny to call for DAP to hold re-election after its first election in 2012 and second in 2013.

Because the Central Executive Committee (CEC) has called for an emergency meeting to decide whether it is going to call a fresh election, it should be decided by the 2008-2012 CEC, which is why the current MCA Luyang assemblyman, Hiew King Cheu, was invited to the emergency meeting.

“Of course, we all know that Hiew has quit DAP and jumped to MCA back in 2013. However, because Hiew was one of the 2008-2012 CEC members, we must extend an invitation to him to meet the requirement of the RoS,” he added.

“According to RoS’s logic, not only would Hiew be asked to attend the meeting, but the late Karpal Singh would have to attend the meeting as well. Isn’t that ridiculous and funny?”

He said that Hiew should understand the whole context first before he made any comments.

“Hiew said ‘it (invitation) is truly funny’, but Hiew totally has no idea that he is barking at the wrong tree. It is the RoS that is being funny, not DAP,” Phoong refuted.

He described such move by the RoS as purposely sabotaging DAP. It is politically motivated to cripple DAP’s operation as well as its preparation for the 14th general election.

“No matter how, DAP is not afraid of any challenges ahead and will take the necessary move to ensure that our struggles continue to defeat BN in next election. We will prove BN wrong if they think they can break up DAP by using the RoS. We will certainly be more united and stronger to fight on,” he concluded.

The RoS has ordered DAP to hold its annual general meeting again for year 2008 to 2012 to elect its central executive committee due to discrepancies and many complaints received from its members.

Hiew, who had left DAP since the end of 2013, was informed by the DAP chief of staff on July 17 this year by e-mail to attend an emergency meeting of the 2008-2012 CEC members to discuss matters pertaining the instruction by RoS.

Hiew said this was truly funny and this reflected the weak administration of the DAP, and it is totally disorganized and behind time.

“How come a person, who had resigned from the party for so many years, is still receiving such e-mails and correspondence from the DAP headquarters? Now I am being asked to attend an emergency meeting by the request of the party secretary general Lim Guan Eng,” he claimed.

Hiew expressed his regret over the e-mail he received, and he felt very surprised that he is officially still a CEC member of the DAP for 2008 to 2012 term.

He believed there were irregularities during the 2013 DAP party election held in Penang, and this caused the RoS to issue a show-cause letter and ordered to re-conduct their AGM again.