Sunday, July 21

MCC captures dog responsible for biting man in Miri to be tested for rabies


A veterinarian prepares a dosage of rabies vaccine in this file photo. Reuters File Photo

MIRI: The Miri City Council (MCC) has managed to catch the stray dog responsible for attacking and biting a man at Pujut 7.

Miri mayor Adam Yii said that his men had managed to track down the female dog, which had recently given birth to three puppies, and capture it in order for it to be sent to be tested for rabies.

Yii said it was standard operating procedure to take precautionary measures in light of the current rabies virus outbreak affecting various areas in Kuching.

Speaking to the media after chairing a full council meeting today, Yii added that he received a call from Zero Strays Society of Miri, offering assistance with putting up the three captured puppies mothered by the female dog for adoption.

On the dog bite victim, he said that the council had yet to receive the latest update on the man who was attacked and bitten by the said female dog behind a shop in Pujut 7 on Saturday night.

However, he believed that Miri Hospital had the expertise to deal with the issue.In view of that, he wanted the people to stay calm and not to make speculation on the matter.

Yii urged the public to stay calm and not to speculate or spread false rumors on the incident. total cooperation from the pet owners to keep their pets in their house compounds as precaution measures.

He pointed out that total cooperation from pet owners to keep their pets in their house compounds as a precaution was of utmost importance.