Thursday, August 6

Miri mayor challenges communities to make Bario litter-free area


Yii with the remote communities in Bario during a photo-call after the presentation of composting bins and tree planting ceremony.

MIRI: Miri mayor Adam Yii has challenged communities in Bario to have the heart to care for the environment and to stop disposing waste indiscriminately to make Bario litter-free.

In issuing this challenge, Yii urged members of the community to work together with their leaders on this grassroots initiative to make it a success.

“I am sure that the people here will work well with their very dedicated leaders to make it a success in transforming Bario

into a zero-litter area. If we can achieve this, it will be very positive in our effort to promote tourism in Bario as zero litter is a very attractive thing and environmental issue for most people these days,” he said.

Several councillors from the Miri City Council (MCC) will be appointed as coordinators for the waste management campaign to make Bario litter-free.

“We will work out some programmes and design its implementation methods.

“I can see great things happening in Bario, but it will take the cooperation and hard work of the community to make it a success,” he added.

Yii said this in his speech during the second day of Pesta Nukenen in Bario recently where he also presented composting bins or ‘Bokashi Kit’ to several community leaders in the sub-district to encourage them to work together in preserving cleanliness of the environment.

“The Miri City Council is taking care of several aspects and services in Bario; one of them is to provide waste management. One of the things we want to promote is composting of organic matters especially food waste and the method that we are promoting is called Bokashi.

“You can use this kit to compost your food waste and turn them into fertiliser,” Yii added.

After the presentation of composting bins, Yii and several other dignitaries planted a tree in conjunction with the beautification and greening of Bario project at Bukit Korea (Ngeribed Ngebata’ Bario) conducted by the city council.

State Legislative Assembly deputy speaker Datuk Gerawat Gala, who is Mulu assemblyman, and Pesta Nukenen Bario organising chairperson Lilla Raja were also present at the ceremony.