Wednesday, July 17

ESSZone sea checkpoints to increase security of Sabah


Dato’ Hazani Ghazali

LAHAD DATU: The setting up of sea checkpoints in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (ESSZone) is expected to increase the security of Sabah, particularly in preventing cross-border crime.

The commander of Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom), DCP Dato’ Hazani Ghazali, yesterday said he had mentioned the proposal of setting up the sea checkpoints in ESSZone and basically this matter has been agreed to by the leadership of the national security agencies.

Hazani said the sea checkpoints will serve as centres for inspecting the ships, boats and barges that enter national waters.

“Following the inspection, a letter or document will be issued to the boats or ships if they comply with all the rules before they can enter the mainland.

“Any boats or ships that fail to comply with the rules will not be able to enter the mainland and action will be taken against any boat or ship entering national waters illegally or without the document from the sea checkpoint,” he said.

According to Hazani, the setting up of sea checkpoints is among the efforts that could be implemented to further empower national security control.

Hazani said ESSCom had implemented various efforts to ensure national security is always upheld.

He said the efforts include the integrated operations enforced from time to time, to flush out illegal immigrants as well as to combat crimes.

“However, the cooperation and support of the people are necessary in ensuring that our efforts are fruitful.

“It is good for people to be busybodies and keep an eye on the activities of their neighbours or friends,” he said.

According to Hazani, by practicing the concept of busybodying, the security forces could get immediate information if their neighbours or friends are  involved in criminal activities.

“By taking interest in their activities, we can not only help to arrest the individuals involved in criminal activities but also convey information to related parties if their neighbours experience any problem regarding their welfare,” he said.

Hazani added that ESSCom will remain committed in maintaining the security of the country, especially in ESSZone and will strive to ensure that the people live in peace.