Thursday, February 2

Good things in the pipeline for Satok Flyover cobblers


KUCHING: Cobblers operating at kiosks under Satok Flyover will have to wait a little longer while Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) is making a plan for them to have proper basic facilities in order to make their working conditions more comfortable.

DBKU director Jumaini Haili said they have taken note of their request as highlighted by thesundaypost. In fact, the plan was already in the pipeline.

“The plan to build a toilet has been done and we are now bidding for fund from the relevant ministry,” he said when contacted yesterday.

“As for electricity supply for the cobblers, it is not in the plan since their work is done only during day time,” he added.

Jumaini, however, said that DBKU was going to enhance the lighting system to brighten up the area where the three kiosks are.

“It is just a matter of time.  I just want the cobblers to be patient. This is how the council bring progress in a holistic manner .We have to do it step-by-step,” he added.

Jumaini said they would welcome feedback from the cobblers and others on matters related to the council.

“We want a win-win situation so that the public’s perception on us is good.”

The cobblers have been operating in kiosks under the flyover since Nov last year. There are six of them operating there, paying a monthly rental of RM30.