SVA: Only seek veterinary surgeons with APC


KUCHING: Sarawak Veterinary Association (SVA) has once again cautioned pet owners to only seek veterinary surgeons with Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

Its president Dr Chuo Hock Tieng said that seeking only qualified vets was important to ensure public interest was protected and the animals properly cared for.

“In the event of a dispute, the Malaysian Veterinary Council (MVC) can take legal action,” he said when contacted yesterday.

The reminder came about following complaints about a former practitioner, without his APC being renewed, who was found

to be dispensing rabies vaccine and providing vaccination card to a customer allegedly for self administration.

“It is compulsory for any registered veterinary surgeon who desires to practise veterinary medicine to obtain the APC in accordance with Section 17 of the Veterinary Surgeon Act 1974,” he said.

“The APC, authorising vets to practise veterinary medicine in their premises, must be renewed yearly. With that, the vets will be included in the vet register of MVC,” he added.

Highlighting this issue in light of the rabies outbreak in the state, Dr Chuo said that regulators were ensuring that qualified veterinarians meet the minimum standards and codes of practice.

“We need to remind the public to protect their interest, which is in line with the association’s main objectives and as part of the directives of MVC of our professional conduct and ethics,” he added.

No one, except a registered veterinary surgeon, is allowed to handle and administer vaccines on animals, Dr Chuo said.

The public can go to MVC’s website at and click on Registered Vet Search to check whether the vet specialists have a licence to practise legally.

SVA has released the membership list of veterinarians whose licence status is still active.


In Kuching:

1. Ai Love Animal Clinic

a. Dr Ngo Su Ping

2. City Veterinary Centre

a. Dr Joseph Yii Chei Kiong

b. Dr Lee Huan Suan

c. Dr Shirley Hii Shir Ley

3. Country Veterinary            Centre

a. Dr Wong Kee Ung, Thomas

b. Dr Samuel Kiyui

4. Hometown Veterinary Hospital

a. Dr Maxine Chin Ying Sii

5. Lee Veterinary Hospital

a. Dr Lee Hui Ling

b. Dr Lee Sei Ling

6.Pet Care Veterinary Clinic and Surgery

a. Dr Simon Sinang Bada

7. Petlife Veterinary Clinic

a. Dr Kueh Yee Choo

8. Primavet Animal Clinic

a. Dr Audrey Cheong

9. Ting and Lu Veterinary Centre

a. Dr Lu Chin Fung

b. Dr Ting Ek Chai, Patrick

10. Toda’s Ark Veterinary Clinic

a. Dr Anddy Toda

11.Vet Corner Veterinary Centre

a. Dr Chong Chiaw Jun



1. Cheng Animal Clinic and Surgery

a. Dr Cheng Kai Soon



1. Angel Animal Clinic

a. Dr Hii King Leong

b. Dr Yap Yong Wei

2. Bettie Veterinary Clinic and Surgery

a. Dr Chang Teck Soon

3. Brighton Veterinary Clinic

a. Dr Lim Kui Mei

4. J&J Animal Clinic

a. Dr Ling Hui Gin

5. Live Animal Medical Centre

a. Dr Ling Tung King

b. Dr Alvina Tan Mei Na

6. Paws and Claws Animal Clinic

a. Dr Felix Wong Sze Jin

b. Dr Lee Mei Kim

7. Petpal Animal Clinic

a. Dr Felix Wong Siew Sung



1.Central Veterinary Clinic

a. Dr Wong Lieng Ann

2. Joy Veterinary Clinic

a. Dr Eileen Hii Suh Tien

3. Pawsitive Veterinary Clinic

a. Dr Wong Kiong Kheng

4. Union Veterinary Clinis

a. Dr Koh Ung Leong

b. Dr Koh Sien Ling

5. Wesley Veterinary Clinic

a. Dr Hii Wei Chuong