Sunday, March 24

Get licence to operate from BDA, says GM


Rodziah Morshidi

BINTULU: The Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) will give businesses operating without a valid licence sufficient time to apply for one from BDA.

For the time being, BDA will be lenient in its enforcement by giving ample time and opportunity for the operators to get their businesses licensed, BDA general manager Rodziah Morshidi said.

“From our records, there are still businesses operating illegally and some do not have the occupation permit (OP) and some are doing extension works without prior approval from the local authorities. Basically, one mistake leads to more mistakes,” she said.

She added that BDA would carry out a study on how best to regularise businesses operating without licence.

“So those who still do not have the licence, come to BDA and we will find how best to regularise and give you the licence,” she said.

Rodziah said BDA would be focusing on lodging houses, food and non-food premises, entertainment outlets and laundry businesses. On entertainment outlets, she said the issue was basically illegal extension and renovations without approval.

As for illegal lodging houses, she said they did not have the OP from the relevant authority which required them to meet the safety standard before operating.

She added that BDA was very concerned about safety because if something bad happened, BDA would be blamed for not taking appropriate enforcement.

From records, she said 47 lodging houses here were licensed and 56 were operating illegally.

“BDA will monitor this and appropriate action will be taken but for now, we give them chance to see us and regularise it. If it still cannot be regularised, they will have to stop operating,” said Rodziah.

For food and non-food premises, only 24 were operating without licence while 482 were licensed, with others doing illegal extension.

Meanwhile for entertainment outlets, 56 premises were licensed and five were operating illegally.

As for laundry premises, she said 17 outlets had yet to apply for licence and 15 were already licensed.

“I appeal to laundry business operators to comply with Bomba (Fire and Rescue Department) requirements for the safety of users and the premises nearby.”