Sunday, October 17

Educational initiative to understand how child’s brain grows


SIBU: Anmum Essential is introducing the ‘Grow Amazing’, a new educational initiative to help parents understand how child’s brain grows and what supports its healthy development.

Anmum Essential is holding a three-day introductory programme, from yesterday at Daesco (Star Mega Mall) here from 9.30am to 9.30pm.

During this period, shoppers buying four packets of Anmum Essential 1.2kg or three tins of Anmum Essential 1.6kg will get a free ‘Kidz Pool’.

And, a free Termos goes with any purchase of three packets of Anmum Materna 650g or three packets of Anmum Lacta 650g.

“Most people do not know that brain cells start developing by about the 28th day of pregnancy and by the time a child is born, there are approximately 100 billion brain cells, hard at work.

“However, it is not just the number of brain cells that matters, it is the number of connections too.

“During early childhood, these connections grow exponentially, with each brain cell able to form 2,500 connections with other brain cells when they are born.

“But by the age of two or three, these connections would have multiplied by six times,” Anmum Essential said in a press statement.