Wednesday, November 29

Paris Levain offers high quality soft European bread


MIRI: In the quest to provide the best bread and bakery products to customers, Paris Levain, the first bakery with a European flair here, yesterday opened an outlet at Pelita Commercial Centre, next to Toys World.

What sets apart this outlet from the rest is that it offers customers freshly-baked, soft European bread, buns and cakes which are low in sugar and cholesterol content and most of all, surprisingly delicious like the ones sold in Paris or other European cities.

The outlet also serves Italian coffees like cappuccino, espresso, latte at prices lower than other boutique coffee houses.

According to outlet manager Sim Chee King, the outlet is a fusion of both a bakery and a cafe. There is a lounge located at the first floor for customers to relax and unwind while enjoying their favourite coffee and cakes.

In connection with this new opening, the outlet is currently having a special promotion from until Aug 20.

There will be discounts for its bakery products as well as special combo packages which include coffees and cakes.

Paris Levain opens daily from 9am till 10pm.