Wednesday, March 20

BUBA UK Higher Education Fair


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: Every year, students from all over the world choose to study in the UK for degrees and postgraduate courses .. Chances are that these include several people you know, or even yourself. Your choice of university will affect your life socially and professionally, so it’s important to make a wise decision, reported.

UK universities have a great reputation across the world, often with several decades or even centuries of history behind them. Most qualifications you can gain with them will be respected anywhere in the world, a huge plus in today’s international work environment.

When choosing a university, there is a lot to bear in mind. Most importantly: it’s not all academic. As well as finding a course that matches your interests, think carefully about the whole student experience and whether it will suit you. If you don’t like your surroundings or the educational culture of a place, remember that you will have to put up with them for three years or more.

Some like Khaldijah Morshidi who graduated from Queen’s University Belfast, she had chosen her university for the environment. There are many aspects to look into when making your decision.

With the upcoming UK fair, representatives of institutions will be on hand to offer advice to students on a wide range of topics: courses, fees, accommodation – every aspect of studying in the UK. This may help with choosing the right university for you.

For Rabiatul currently studying in the University of Leicester, attending the exhibition helped her greatly in her decision making. “The University of Leicester booth provided very valuable information about the university and the community in Leicester as well, it helped a lot with my decision making” She told

Only you can make this momentous decision, but with the  BUBA UK Higher Education fair hopefully the decision making will be made easier. Don’t miss it!