Govt construction projects must apply qlassic — Fadillah


Fadillah Yusof

KUALA LUMPUR: The Quality Assessment in Construction (QLASSIC) system must be implemented in all government infrastructure development projects, said Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof.

He said at present, most residential and commercial building projects applied the QLASSIC assessment to meet the demand for quality from buyers.

“Development projects such as hospitals, schools and universities must be the pioneers in setting the quality benchmark to be emulated.

“I urge more government agencies to implement QLASSIC in their projects,” he said in his speech at the launch of QLASSIC 2017 Day here yesterday.

He said so far, only three government agencies, namely the Implementation and Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department, the Public Works Department and the Terengganu State Economic Development Corporation applied QLASSIC in their projects.

Fadillah said QLASSIC was measured according to the Construction Industry Standard (CIS 7) and allowed an objective comparison of the quality of construction works through a points system.

He said the ministry wants to educate more house buyers and property investors to choose houses and office buildings which had been assessed by QLASSIC.

“The publication of the  ‘Quality Guidebook for Homeowners’ and the QLASSIC portal set up by the Construction Industry Development Board supports the efforts to promote QLASSIC to the public.

“If the house buyers themselves know how to look at the quality of a construction project, they would have higher expectations for quality,” he said.

He added that so far, 43 building construction projects involving 27 developers, 31 contractors and 32 architects had obtained QLASSIC marks of more than 80 per cent.

“In 2016, the quality of 311 building construction projects were assessed by QLASSIC.

“Although the number of projects assessed by QLASSIC have increased from year to year, there is still much that needs to be done to ensure that all industry players get QLASSIC accreditation,” he said.

The QLASSIC 2017 Day was attended by about 1,000 members of the construction industry, including developers, contractors and architects. — Bernama