Wednesday, November 29

Petra Jaya Hospital not even half completed, delayed by 318 days — Stampin MP


KUCHING: The Petra Jaya Hospital project has not even reached 50 per cent completion despite the fact that it should have been completed by this year, claimed Stampin MP Julian Tan.

According to him, the RM500 million project is only 48.06 per cent completed as of June 25, with a delay of 318 days.

“By right, the people of Sarawak should have been able to enjoy the facilities of Petra Jaya Hospital by now but, until today, it is not even (half) completed yet,” he told a press conference at state DAP headquarters here yesterday.

Tan, who received a reply from the Ministry of Health on July 25 on the progress of the hospital, was also given an update on the progress of Sri Aman Hospital in which phase two of the project is currently delayed by 218 days.

“Phase two of the Sri Aman Hospital project, worth RM213 million, is supposed to reach 56 per cent completion but as of June 30, it is only 31 per cent completed,” he remarked, adding that the status of these projects were some of the issues he brought up during Parliament sitting.

Tan, who is from DAP, also refuted claims by political secretary to the chief minister Tan Kai that he has not brought any form of development to his constituency since elected as Stampin MP.

“As a political secretary as well as a senior in the political arena, Tan Kai should know very well that it is the duty of the government of the day to ensure development in the state, including Stampin.

“By saying that there’s no development under Stampin while they are the government, he is unknowingly stating that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government had failed the Stampin voters and therefore giving them more reason not to vote BN this coming general election,” he said.