Award a recognition of Pelita Maslaut’s contribution to shipping industry, says MP


Masni (fifth right) and his wife hold the ‘Outstanding Performance for Maritime Institute Award’ while Ahmad Lai (third right) and others look on.

MIRI: The state government recognises the effort and determination of Pelita Maslaut Maritime Academy (PMSB) in providing a skilled workforce for the shipping industry.

Sibuti member of Parliament Datuk Ahmad Lai Bujang said the academy – awarded the ‘Outstanding Performance for Maritime Institute Award’ from the Ministry of Transport earlier this month – has proved that it is able to compete with other maritime institutions in the country.

“We are grateful to PSMB, a successful Bumiputera company in Sarawak which has been operating since 2001, for providing a lot of skilled manpower in the shipping industry. I believe PSMB will be more successful in the future. What has been done by PSMB is acknowledged by the government and I hope more of our students, regardless of race, will join this field which offers a promising career in the future,” he said during a thanksgiving event at PSMB’s office, here yesterday.

The MP also stated that PSMB was the first private maritime institution in the country to receive such an award.

Meanwhile, PSMB managing director Masni Amit said he did not expect the academy, which he founded, to receive such recognition from the government.

“We have been around for the past 16 years in Miri, Sibu and Kota Kinabalu, and this year we have created history by being awarded as best maritime centre in Malaysia,” he explained.

The academy competed with other training centres nationwide in the ‘World Maritime Week’ early this month in Kuala Lumpur.

“It is a great recognition for PSMB and we will strive to produce competitive, skilled manpower for the shipping industry,” added Masni.

He said the academy offers short-term and long-term courses based on current need and criteria.

“We believe all the courses offered are according to the needs of the current market and for that reason, the trainees have chosen this academy because they know the job is waiting for them once they graduate from here,” he said.

Also present yesterday were PMSB manager Safri Masni, Melanau Miri Association president Dato Alexander Maiyor, Miri City Council (MCC) secretary Morshidi Fredrick and MCC councillor Abdullah Jaini.