Sunday, January 23

165 Miri District societies face deregistration


MIRI: A total of 165 societies in Miri District could be deregistered after failing to submit their annual reports to the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

ROS officer Susane Akok said the societies had been given ample time to do so, with multiple notices sent.

“What is important, the treasurer’s report must be submitted accordingly including the annual report to ROS, which now can be registered online at,” she said after a briefing on managing the administration of societies yesterday.

Susane said the course highlighted the Societies Act 1966 and Societies Regulations 1984.

“Enhancing working together through networking between ROS and associations through activities such as going to the ground like this programme will ensure awareness of sending their annual reports yearly,” she said.

A total of 18 societies here did not submit their annual report for 2012, 29 for 2013, 27 for 2014, 39 for 2015, and 52 societies last year.

In Miri Division, there are 507 societies registered with ROS in Miri District, Beluru District (9), Marudi District (48), Subis District (36), Telang Usan District (11), and Bario Sub-district (3).

For Limbang Division, there are 86 societies registered with ROS in Limbang District and Lawas District (39), while in Bintulu Division there are 197 societies registered in Bintulu District (197) and 11 in Tatau District.