Thursday, August 18

SEB cautions against working too near high voltage power lines


Lu Yew Hung

KUCHING: Sarawak Energy urges the public to practise extreme caution when working near any of its installations, especially high voltage power lines and substations to avoid getting hurt by electrocution or electrical flash-overs.

Electrical flash-overs occur when electricity ‘jumps’ without direct contact with power lines or conductors and can result in serious burns or tragic loss of lives.

According to a press release, Sarawak Energy Group Chief Operating Officer Lu Yew Hung commented that for anyone doing work in the vicinity of any of Sarawak Energy’s installations, Sarawak Energy urges them to be extra vigilant and always keep a safe distance from any of its high voltage installations to avoid getting hurt or worse.

He noted that recently in Kapit, an electrical flash-over incident claimed the life of an individual who was working close to the utility’s high voltage power lines.

“Safety is Sarawak Energy’s top priority and one case is already one case too many, regardless of the circumstances as staff and contractors are required to comply with Sarawak Energy’s Life Saving Rules, which is a set of mandatory safety rules to ensure work is carried out in a safe manner and that no one gets hurt.

“We urge members of the public to be alert at all times and not take any chances when it comes to electrical safety,” he added.

Contractors are also reminded to take precautionary measures before proceeding with work at locations where there are overhead and underground power lines running through.

There have been incidences where heavy machinery and tall vehicles have gotten entangled with high voltage overhead power lines while excavation works have damaged underground cables.

“This can cause completely unnecessary power interruptions to customers and inconveniencing them but more importantly, put their workers’ safety in jeopardy. The power utility will continue to build awareness and deploy its safety officers to conduct safety briefings and provide contractors with relevant underground cable routes so that appropriate measures can be taken to avoid damaging the cables and disrupting supply,” said Lu.

Sarawak Energy has issued constant reminders through print media, radio campaigns, exhibitions, distribution of leaflets and also by going to schools to inculcate awareness and educate the public on the danger of electrical infrastructure and facilities.

Members of the public are urged to contact Sarawak Energy care line 1300-88-3111 if in doubt.