Bali-bound Malaysian aircraft told to advise passengers to contact embassy


JAKARTA: Malaysians arriving in Bali for holiday or on business are advised to contact the office of the Malaysian Honorary Consul  in Bali or the Malaysian Embassy here to inform of their whereabouts in case of an emergency due to the current ‘high warning alert’ status of Gunung Agung.

Malaysian Ambassador in Indonesia Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed said the information regarding the whereabouts of Malaysians on the resort island was necessary to enable the consulate or embassy to contact them.

The Indonesian authorities have issued a warning of high alert on the possibility of the volcano erupting after 50 years of being dormant.

Zahrain also suggested that Bali-bound Malaysian aircraft  to make a public announcement

for its Malaysian passengers to inform the consulate of their whereabouts upon arriving on the resort island.

He said they could do so online through Facebook (@embassymalaysiajakarta) and Twitter (@myembjkt), while for latest information or any inquiry, they could contact the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta at +62215224947 or +6281380813036 (after office hours) or email to [email protected].

For those in Bali, they can contact the Malaysian Honorary Consul’s office in  Puri Kumara Sakti, Jalan Bentuyung, Ubud, Gianyar, 90571 Bali, or telephone +62361973182/ +6281237154050 or email at [email protected]. — Bernama