Sunday, April 21

Gian Sen renews 17-year- old overseas friendship


Players and officials of Gian Sen Club Kuching and Minqing Table Tennis Association gather in front of the Minqing Qiyuang Hotel.

KUCHING: Members of Gian Sen Club Kuching were recently reunited with their China counterparts from Minqing Table Tennis Association after a lapse of 17 years.

The Minqing Table Tennis Association is located within an hour’s drive from Fuzhou in Fujian Province.

Players from both sides played a two-day match to renew and foster their friendship.

Some club members took the opportunity to return to their ancestral homeland including a visit to Minqing County Zhucuo Primary School.

The Kuchingnites also spent six days visiting the scenic Wuyi Mountain and historical places of Fuzhou city and Xiamen.