Friday, August 19

Community asked to fully support SK Nanga Antaroh


Pemanca Enggin Nyipa

KAPIT: Members of the community in the Sut, Sungai Antaroh, and Sungai Bena areas have been called on to give their full support to SK Nanga Antaroh.

Pemanca Enggin Nyipa said this is vital because children’s education must be prioritised in a knowledge society.

“Undoubtedly, as the elders, we have the living skills and experience. We are now living in a knowledge society brought about by the rapid advancements of science and technology.

“I am a Pemanca, but I always consult and discuss with others how best to bring progress to the longhouse community,” he said on Tuesday during a Rural Electrification Scheme (RES) event at Sut, Baleh.

He pointed out that many of his generation did not have the opportunity to attend school in the past.

“We worked on the land to earn a living. Now with knowledge, the younger generation earns a living through knowledge and skills. We thank the government for providing universal education to our children.

“Schools are built near longhouses for the convenience of parents to bring their children to school.

“Therefore, I advise parents to bring their children to the school. The local community must support the school to ensure our younger generation receives the best education during their school years,” Enggin advised.