Wednesday, January 26

Merit Festival to be annual or biennial


KAPIT: The inaugural Merit Festival scheduled for Nov 24-26 could become an annual or biennial affair.

Kapit District Officer Elvis Didit told a press conference that various events have been planned for the festival which will be centred at Rumah Anthony such as mini football, traditional games, extreme canoe challenge through Pelagus Rapids, longboat races, fishing competitions, cross country, mountain biking and beauty contest.

“We may set up stalls to be organised by the school and longhouse so they can get some funds,” he said.

“This Merit Festival will not only involve those residing in Merit sub-district as we have extended this programme to communities living below Belaga Town.”

He pointed out that the festival would bring together various communities and could be on the state’s tourism calendar in future.

“We may organise the Pelagus Extreme Challenge as part of the Merit Festival for the first time. Nobody has ever marketed Pelagus Rapids as an interesting spot for extreme sports.”