Wednesday, December 11

Another storm wreaks havoc in Miri


Fallen roof covers lying on the roads.


Staff of the clinic and members of the public helping to remove a piece of zinc roof that fallen onto a car.


A huge signboard toppled on to the road in an earlier bout of strong winds this morning.


The glass walls of a food and beverage outlet at Marina City commercial centre shattered by strong winds.


MIRI: Another bout of strong winds today wreaked more havoc in Miri, ripping off roofs on shophouses and damaging glass doors or walls in the commercial districts of the city.

The howling winds started just before 1.30pm, sending many worried road users scurrying off the roads to safer destinations as strong winds threatened to uproot trees or break off branches that could slam down on their vehicles or onto their paths.

The scene of strong winds gusting to Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre saw roof covers slamming onto the road but fortunately, no person or vehicle was hit although one piece landed on the ground and hit a parked car.