Monday, May 27

Sibu plans for a bigger Mr Kenyalang next year


(From right) Wong greets Wee as Chia prepares to present the minister with a memento.

SIBU: Bodybuilders and fans are assured that Sibu will likely host Mr Kenyalang again next year. This was revealed by Sibu Division Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Association (SDBWA) president Chia Soon Cheong at the inaugural event at RH Hotel here on Sunday.

He said the rapid growth of new gyms in and around the division had prompted his team to set up the bodybuilding competition which is only open to Sarawakians. Thirty-three contestants from Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman, Sarikei, Mukah, Bintulu and Sibu took part this year.

“We also plan to host this competition again next year and we believe that Sibu is still the most strategic hosting venue, in that it stands between Kuching and Miri,” he added while stressing that they are planning for it to be “a much bigger event.

Mr Kenyalang was organised by SDBWA in partnership with Sarawak Bodybuilding Association (SBBA).

Meanwhile, Minister of International Trade & E-Commerce Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh commended the SDBWA for taking the initiative to host the event as a way to unearth and showcase more Sarawak bodybuilders.

“I have known SBBA president (Dato Wee Hong Seng) and SDBWA president (Chia) for years. I see that these two together with their teams are doing a great job in highlighting this sport. For Sarawak bodybuilders, especially those in Sibu, I believe that you are in good hands,” he said.

Wong also cautioned bodybuilders and athletes against taking shortcuts in in any sport, especially through the use of banned performance-enhancing substances.

“There is no such thing as achieving success and excellence overnight — one must work hard to earn them. Moreover, taking shortcuts does not only risk sportsmen and sportswomen being banned from participation in the games, but it can also pose dangerous risks to their health,” he warned. Sibu Resident Hii Chang Kee, BBS director Afrian Wong and Moma Water representatives were also present.