Sunday, September 22

Saradise aims to be first smart city in Kuching


KUCHING: Saradise Kuching, by property developer Saradise Sdn Bhd (Saradise), aims to be the first smart city in Kuching, bringing the latest technology for modern living into Sarawak while also housing an innovation space which will support the state’s digital econonomy transformation.

According to Saradise chief operating officer Dylan Yee Kar Sein at a pre-launch presentation for the media, with the chief minister leading the transformation of the digital economy, Saradise thus decided to have an innovation space to support the digital economy.

“The government is putting in a lot of effort to promote the digital economy and is coming up with a lot of policies to attract investors. But, we need to retain the talent and to retain the talent, we need a base like Saradise Kuching where modern living is integrated with the township,” Yee stressed.

“We need one in Kuching, and Saradise will be the place where we would like to become the base to retain all the talent that the government successfully attracts into Kuching.”

The Saradise Innovation Space will consist of an educational programme with a seating capacity for 50 persons, a maker space, a cafe operator that has an innovation angle and introduce an annual robotics competition.

Overall, Saradise Kuching will consist of a healthcare cluster, a business park, shop offices, Saradise Edge, festive mall, luxury residences, Saradise grocer and hotel and serviced apartments.

Investment-wise, Saradise has a good track record with its shop offices having already appreciated 50 per cent since their sales launch in 2013.

Saradise Kuching aims to be the largest landscaped and family friendly development in Kuching. In 20 years’ time, Saradise aims to have 15,000 live-in residents and 16,000 visitors to Saradise Kuching.

Saradise’s competitive advantage is its commitment to building a well-landscaped and integrated living environment with a differentiated aim to showcase the best of Sarawak’s identity and innovative thinking to the world. Saradise seeks to become the global ambassador for Sarawak through its lifestyle brands in property, food and beverage and lifestyle products.

Saradise group chief executive officer Dato Chris Chung Soon Nam was also present at the media briefing, along with corporate marketing communications manager Si Kok Leng, technology and development general manager Wong Ching Ning, group audit and compliance manager Jeremy Chee, Earthlings Coffee managing director Kenny Lee Wee Ting, Earthlings Coffee director Rave Sun Kwok and Consulus (Saradise’s innovation consultant) Lawrence Chong.