Friday, July 19

BNNP South Kalimantan destroys syabu-syabu worth billions


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: The South Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency) (BNNP) has exterminated sabu-sabu worth more than Rp2, 5 billion, Antaranews reported.

“The price of syabu-syabu is estimated at Rp2.5 million per gram, so the narcotics that we destroy this time are certainly more than Rp2,5 billion,” said Head of BNNP Brigadier General Marsauli Siregar in Banjarmasin on Wednesday.

The crystal meth (syabu-syabu) came from two cases of the last catch, 1,210 grams of three suspects, AP (39), US (27) and AF alias Cuan (39), and 10 sabu-sabu packets weighed 5.62 gram from suspect R alias Irus (47).

According to Marsauli, the destruction of narcotics evidence is a mandate of the law while preventing misappropriation by unscrupulous personnel.

“The temptation is very high because the value is great and we also ensure the destroyed evidence is genuine, do not let the syabu-syabu to be exchanged with alum,” he said while joking.

The alumnus of Police Academy 1985 even declared that the agency continues to map the network of narcotics dealers in South Kalimantan.

“Suspect AF alias Cuan who is a convict of Class IIA Banjarmasin Prison is one of the brain control of large networks in South Kalimantan,” said Marsauli.