Thursday, March 21

Maskabi flexes his muscles to stardom


Maskabi receives his trophy for Mr Kenyalang in the 70kg and above category held in Sibu.

MIRI: A local bodybuilder Maskabi Kabar, is a shining star in bodybuilding for Miri after winning many divisional and state championship competitions over the last few years.

Maskabi who works in Miri as a hospital attendant managed to train and compete apart from doing his office work , is an aspiration to other young muscles men in Miri and Sarawak in general of how commitment and hard work can achieve one’s ambition.

He has been involved in bodybuilding since year 2012 and has won many competitions, the latest being the Mr Benak in the 65-75kg and last month he won Mr Kenyalang Sibu (70kg and above) and Mr CSM open (Commercial Square Mall), Bintulu.

“My advice to young talented youths is to discipline themselves and do regular trainings if they want to succeed in this sport and they must be committed,” Maskabi said to The Borneo Post yesterday.

Maskabi who is under the Miri Bodybuilding Association (PBBM) is a talented young man who never fail to train and workout his muscles regularly even after work or during weekends.

He said there is no short cut to success in the bodybuilding sport but through the process of trainings, dieting and having enough sleep and consuming supplementary diet make the muscles curve and masculine.

Miri Bodybuilding Association (PBBM) chairlady Jamilah Ibrahim said Maskabi is a disciplined athlete and urged him to remain motivated to move forward to bigger championships at the state and national levels.

“I’m confident Maskabi can go further and be a top muscleman in Sarawak and even in Malaysia and Asia-level competitions if he is committed to his training.”

Jamilah urged more youths in Miri to follow the footsteps of Maskabi and take up sports as a career.