Sunday, July 21

Accused identified at parade by friend of murdered student – cop


KOTA KINABALU: The High Court here yesterday heard that a friend of the murdered college student had identified a part-time security officer of the Siam Thai Bar during an identification parade as the man who repeatedly swung a sword at the victim.

Inspector Palaninathan A/L Pathmanathan, 37, who was in charge of the identification parade, told Justice Datuk Nurchaya Hj Arshad that the deceased’s friend named Raymond had identified Mohd Azmin Lidin as the assailant who allegedly killed Yaacob Nasran.

Gan: Who was the suspect identified by Raymond?

Witness: The suspect who was at the accused’s dock now.

“On the first session, Raymond (the 14th prosecution witness) was the last person called out of seven witnesses to identify the suspect that was allegedly involved in this case,” explained Palaninathan under examination-in-chief by deputy public prosecutor Gan Peng Kun.

Palaninathan was the 17th prosecution witness called to give his oral evidence in the trial of Mohd Azmin, 29, who was charged with killing the 18-year-old student outside the bar between 4am and 4.30am on December 15, 2016.

If found guilty under Section 302 of the Penal Code, the accused, who was defended by counsel Dato’ Seri Rakhbir Singh, is liable to the mandatory death sentence by hanging on the neck.

To a question by Gan, the witness testified that during the second identification parade in which both sessions were conducted at the central lockup in Kepayan, Raymond also identified Omar (the 11th prosecution witness) to be a person that he saw at the crime scene and once again identified Mohd Azmin as the person, who slashed the deceased.

The witness also said that the identification parade was done on December 20, 2016 and ended at 1.30pm.

Palaninathan explained that he had prepared two reports on the result of the identification parade which he later tendered in court as prosecution’s evidence.

Meanwhile, the 16th prosecution witness detective sergeant Nordin Hj Dahlan, 50, testified that the accused had led a police team to the bush area where a  plastic sack contained two swords.

“On December 15, 2016, at about 3.20pm, our team and I went to Kampung Nelayan in Likas together with the accused to seize the weapons allegedly used in the incident,” said the witness.

To a question by Gan, the witness said that before they went to seize the swords, he and his superior had interviewed the accused.

“The accused told us that he can lead us to where he threw the swords,” added the witness.

Counsel Mary Gomez was the watching brief lawyer for the deceased’s family.

The trial resumes today.