Sunday, July 21

IRB confident talks can increase public’s understanding of tax


IRB Sarawak deputy director Sawing Kri (centre) chairing the first session of the seminar.

SIBU: The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) is confident that tax education programme can increase the community’s understanding of tax and increase tax compliance rate voluntarily.

IRB chief executive officer Datuk Seri Sabin Samitah said eventually this will make reporting and paying taxes a culture.

“Positive feedback gathered through series of taxation seminars held previously gave a clear message that the society today followed closely, is aware and concerned of changes that occurred in the country’s tax system.

“This has led to their need to get further clarification or information that is precise, concise and clear about those changes,” he said when officiating at ‘National Taxation’ seminar here yesterday.

His text of speech was read out by IRB Putrajaya Federal Territory director Datin Wan Azni Wan Hassan.  Sabin said a total of 24 locations were selected for the seminar nationwide which started on Nov 2 in Kuala Lumpur and will end on Nov 16 in Shah Alam, Kuching and Labuan.

The seminar, he said, is to give exposure and latest information to professional bodies, taxation practitioners, employees and the public on amendments related to taxation as announced in the 2018 Budget recently.

“This is the best platform for the targeted audience to obtain as much and as clear and precise information from IRB on the matters involved as possible,” he said.

The topics presented during the seminar touched on 14 amendments under Income Tax Act 1967, four amendments under Real Property Gains Tax Act 1976, 13 amendments under Stamp Act 1949 and 100 per cent penalty that will be implemented next year and its impact to noncompliant tax payers, he added.  He also said that IRB is an important government agency with its functions and roles as a direct tax collector, which is a major contributor to country’s income sources.

“Direct taxes collected together with other government revenues will be used for development-related matters based on planned programmes and national transformation agenda that eventually will be enjoyed by all levels of society.

“Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to call upon all those present to help IRB encourage the community to support the country’s taxation system by increasing tax compliance for the future of the country,” he said.