Sunday, July 21

Community leaders visit Bidayuh in Miri


The community leaders pose for a group photograph with fellow Bidayuhs at Kpg Bidayuh Lusut.

MIRI: Nine community leaders from Serian led by Temenggong Henry Bujang came for a visit on Nov 4 where they had a special dialogue session with the Bidayuh community here.

The visit was held in conjunction with Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) Miri 40th anniversary celebration.

Others in the group were Pemanca Aggim Katot, Penghulu Robert Jawas Mangau (Ruben, Tebedu), Penghulu Gamin Antung (Mingerat), Penghulu Sirau Lungkis (Bukar), Penghulu Philip Aon Singgang (Kedup), Penghulu Gaup Takip (Tebedu Proper), Ketua Kaum Stephen Peter Pasin (Slabi) and Ketua Kaum Peter Klang Sai (Riih Daso).

“It is an honour to have them visiting us here and see personally how the Bidayuh community is developing with other races here,” said DBNA Miri chairman Captain Bernard Idit.

During the visit, the group was briefed on the Bidayuhs in Miri in general, including their population and their background.

“We also told them about the history of DBNA in Miri, past chairmen, our mission and vision as well as our events and social networking programmes,” Bernard said.

Also discussed were challenges faced by the Bidayuh community including the absence of community leaders such as penghulu or pemanca from the community.

“We also touched on inter-marriages among the Bidayuh as well as urban migration issue, which  impacted our development and tradition,” he said.

The group also visited a Bidayuh village in Sungai Dalam, Lusut to meet Bidayuh families there as well as witnessed the opening of Bernard’s Mabelo Laundry by Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research Dato Sri Michael Manyin.