Tuesday, May 24

Masseuses scare robbers away with screams


SIBU: Three men failed to rob a massage parlour here yesterday after the masseuses there screamed frantically for help.

The men had arrived at the establishment shortly after midnight for massages.

After completing their sessions around 2am, the men were asked to pay the total charge of RM150.

However, the men only handed over RM100.

One of the men then left the parlour and the masseuses thought he was going to get the remaining RM50 owed.

However, one of the two men who remained then whipped out a knife and pointed it to the neck of one of the masseuses.

Frightened, two of the women handed over their mobile phones, but the men still demanded the day’s earnings.

This caused the women to start screaming, which apparently frightened the robbers into fleeing.

In their haste, one of the men dropped his wallet, which contained his identity card.

The masseuses later handed over the wallet to the police, who found that the RM100 note was a counterfeit.

Police are now on the hunt for the suspects.