Spearhead digital growth, Apple co-founder urges govts


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, pictured in May 2012, is to join a benefit performance of a controversial monologue about the iconic computer giant’s production lines in China, a theater in Washington said Tuesday. (AFP Photo/Torsten Blackwood)

KUCHING: All governments should be behind their countries’ digital growth, attracting the best talent in the region and educate the local talent into a skilful asset, said Apple Inc Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak.

The American electronic inventor also said ‘the parts and tools’, such as funding and market access to develop talents, should be made available in order to encourage them to enhance and explore further potential.

“Incubator is a good term to use and the government should modify some school programmes to include software, hardware and robotics in the curriculum of primary education.

“It (digital economy) is really the future for the whole world,” he told reporters after speaking at the ‘Face to Face’ session during the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum here yesterday.

Wozniak, who is fondly known as ‘The Woz’, also gave business advice for start-ups.

He said start-ups should not necessarily go out there and succeed right away.

“They must be willing to work on a lot of projects that makeno money but fun and meaningful.

“(Once you are able to right the mistakes), you can show off to your parents, neighbours and friends.

“Every time you show off, your mind is improved … (you can be) the best in the world (and proudly say) I’ve done that and I’ve succeeded,” he said. — Bernama