Saturday, August 13

Start with good quality durian seedlings


Chai shows one of the seedlings.

The entrance to Happy Farm at Batu 13, Jalan Matang, Kuching.

Musang King seedlings ready to be taken home.

KUCHING: Happy Farm Company is inviting interested individuals or companies to visit their farm to get good quality durian seedlings.

There are over 600 seedlings available for four different types of the King of Fruits – Musang King, Udang Merah, D16B and Duri Hitam.

Customers who purchase the seedlings will be shown how to transplant the seedlings by staff of Happy Farm Company.

All seedlings are of top quality and ready to be transplanted.

Happy Farm Company is located at 6, Jalan Sungai Cina, Batu 13, Jalan Matang, Kuching.

For more info contact farm manager Sia Chin Chai at 016206527 or email