Lee (second left), Chin and Ting (right) receiving their prize.

KUCHING: The Physical Education and Health Department of the Institute of Teacher Education Tun Abdul Razak Campus (IPGKTAR) won the gold medal at the recent International Invention and Innovative Competition (Series 2) at Copthrone Hotel, Cameron Highlands with their innovation “Reaction-Light Aid”.

The team members comprised Dr Chin Ngien Siong, Lee Sing Ching, Ting Pei Yi, Fong Mei Lan and Asiah Ayup who were PE major’s trainee teachers.

The aid is designed to help athletes improve their reaction time to stimulus in badminton, volleyball and other sports in the form of random-coloured lights.

The competition had attracted inventors, students, undergraduate and post-graduate students, academicians, research scientists from institutions of higher learning and organisations (local and foreign) competing in three categories.

The PE and Health Department had consistently won medals in a number of innovation competitions over the past years nurturing their PE trainee teachers’ passion and talent in innovation in the field of sports.

Chin expressed his sincere appreciation to these students who had been working hard to win the gold medal, Steven Liew and Piking Nujee from the Kuching Vocational College for their collaboration and Chai Poh Fatt (Kuching Division Volleyball Association) and Johnny Ng (Kuching Badminton Association) for their continuous support in the innovation.