Tuesday, August 20

Habitual offender jailed 7 months for escaping from police custody


KUCHING: A habitual offender who has four armed gang-robbery conviction, was sentenced to seven months’ jail by a magistrate’s court here yesterday for escaping from police custody while in detention.

Zulkifli Morni pleaded guilty to the charge framed under Section 224 of the Penal Code before Magistrate Zubaidah Sharkawi. He committed the offence at the security post of Kucing District police station about 1.30pm on Oct 22.

It is said that Zulkifli and two other detainees were waiting to be sent back to prison following an earlier court appearance, but he managed to uncuff himself and ran out of  the police station.

He fled the scene by jumping into a waiting car which then sped away and disappeared. Swift action by the police following surveillance and tip-off,  Zulkifli was nabbed at a house in Kampung Kelka, Simunjan, less than 24 hours after the escape.

With addition to the 7-month conviction, his total custodial sentence would be 49 years and seven months, and nine rotan strokes. He has two similar charges pending at the Sessions Court here.

Zulkifli was a member of a gang dubbed ‘Gang Viva’ for they committed their criminal offences in a Perodua Viva car.