Call to restrict use of high-tech gadgets for family well-being


(From right) Dr Abdul Rahman places a mock handphone into a box as a gimmick in closing the State Level
National Family Month 1Malaysia while his wife, Siti Abdul Shukor and others look on.

KUCHING: Restrict the use of hi-tech gadgets for the well-being of families.

Assistant Minister Of Rural Electricity Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi made this call before closing the State Level National Family Month 1Malaysia at BGS Esplanade Kampung Sourabaya Ulu, here yesterday.

Organised by National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) the theme for this year is “I Love My Family”.

Doing so would help safeguard the family institution and further strengthen family ties.

“The overwhelming use of gadgets these days has led especially young people into social alienation. If we do not control the use of gadgets, it could control our lives leading to many social problems and issues in the family,” he said.

“It is time for us to tackle this new disruptive phenomena and strengthen the well-being of our families,” he added.

Dr Abdul Rahman who is also an Assembyman for Pantai Damai reminded everybody to take steps to safeguard their family and limit the use of hi-tech gadgets when with family.

“I am also very glad that LPPKN took the right step in carrying out a campaign- ‘No Gadget Hour’ on putting aside our daily use of gadgets, especially young people to spend more time with their love ones and family.

Dr Abdul Rahman suggested that the national family month should be carried out as an annual event and he thanked LPKKN for choosing his constituency to host the event .

He also supported the call by the Prime Minister in the 2018 Budget where many priorities were given to families such maternity leave, saving trust for those born on Jan 1 2018 to

2022, clock out early for government servant couple if the wife is five months pregnant and to seek local council in the state to make it compulsory for office buildings to have child care centres.

Dr Abdul Rahman said that he appreciated such effort by LKKPN and the government in organising many community programmes and activities to enhance the well- being of families.

“Let us remind ourselves that our families’ well-being must always come first and that we must always love our families no matter what,” he said.

Also present were Dr Abdul Rahman’s Wife Siti Syorgaya, LPPKN officer representing the Director General, Abdul Shukor Abdullah and state director of LPPKN Noraini Ahmad.