Asas chief pays tribute to ‘Father of Sarawak Swimming’


BINTULU: Young swimmers have been reminded to remember the contributions of past leaders in swimming who had paved the way for them.

“The leaders had overcame the obstacles so that we could pass; opened the doors so that we could go in and and brought down the wall so that we could come out,” Amateur Swimming Association of Sarawak (Asas) president Dato Wee Hong Seng said at the closing of the Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr Wong Soon Kai Inter-Club Swimming Championship at Bintulu Public Swimming Pool yesterday.

“Just as how the past leaders inspired us, the future generation would look up at us the same way. So for our young swimmers of today, be the inspiration to our future talents by becoming the best individuals that you are,” he said.

Wee led the observation of a minute’s silence to honour and remember the state swimming’s great leader and ‘Father Of Sarawak Swimming,’ the former deputy chief minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr Wong Soon Kai who passed away early this year.

Wong was the founder of Asas and had served as its president for 45 years. He was also the pioneer president of Sibu Amateur Swimming Association which he led for 50 years.

“To remember Wong’s contribution, Asas has passed a special resolution that the Wong Soon Kai Cup is here to stay as the Wong Soon Kai Cup – never to be changed or altered for whatsover reason, and also for Sarawak swimming to continue under Asas,” added Wee.

He was pleased to note that in his seven years as Asas president, many swimming talents had emerged in Sarawak.

The swimmers were also encouraged to not only continue to compete in local events but also venture outside Sarawak to test their mettle against their counterparts in other states and countries.

“Through this way, you would grow and be able to enhance your skills and techniques.

“To the parents, I truly understand that you want your children to be the best but let them be their best and don’t pressure them or give them unnecessary stress.

“Allow them to concentrate in their training to be the best, leave out whatever politics there is and make friends with everyone,” he advised.