Tuesday, February 7

WeChat Pay one of the ways for Sarawakians to do business with China


Man Tai speaking to reporters at the STB conference room.

KUCHING: WeChat Pay, an app payment system, is one of the ways for Sarawakians to do business with China or vice versa, especially when making payment for goods and services, said Digilink Asia Limited general manager Man Tai.

“WeChat Pay app payment is widely used in China in getting what you need without the use of cash and it is the trend now,” he told reporters at a press conference on Chinese Social Media Insight with Digitalink Asia Limited at Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) office here yesterday.

“We want to assist Sarawak in getting ready with this form of app payment application system as there is huge potential and to be ready for the influx of Chinese visitors from mainland China coming here,” he added.

He said China is becoming a cashless society and if they come to Sarawak and pay for goods and services, the only way for them is to use WeChat payment account and pay by WeChat Pay.

“It would be easy, safe and also convenient for these China visitors and vice versa for Malaysians who come to China,” he explained.

He said if Sarawak has this form of stewardship services, it would be good for both China and Malaysia as both countries can benefit in terms of commerce and industry through real-time software.

Man Tai, whose company has served Fortune 500 clients and blue chip clients in Hong Kong, hoped that the people in Sarawak would soon get used to the concept of WeChat Pay app when ‘Sarawak Pay’ is implemented and people do not use money anymore.

“You do not need an infrastructure for having such services and anybody interested just needs to bring their personal particulars to open a WeChat payment account,” he said.

Man Tai also explained on the mechanics of WeChat Pay system, saying a vendor will have Quick Response Code (QR Code-matrix barcode) sticker by the shop or reception and when a customer from China comes to buy goods or services, they just need to scan the QR Code using their mobile phone.

“That is how the vendor gets his payment for his goods and services and the customer gets served and has his goods in a couple of minutes,” he said.

Man Tai believes Sarawak will certainly benefit when such system is implemented here and revealed that a telecommunication company from China, Tencent Holdings Limited, will soon come to share the technology in WeChat Pay.

“This form of app payment system will indeed change the landscape of consumerism in this country and a beginning of a new era towards a cashless society,” he said.