Friday, March 24

Help comes to man caring for aged mum


Lim (second left) and Lau (second right) at the presentation of donations.

KUCHING: A 55-year-old man living with his old mother at KMC Flats here was the latest to receive help from Good Samaritans brought together by volunteer social worker Lim Chee Haw.

Lim said he was informed by a concerned resident regarding the plight of Lau Lai Kim, 55, who devotes his time to taking care of his elderly mum.

After informing some of his contacts, Lim managed to raise funds to buy items such as adult diapers and food rations to be donated to Lau to lighten his financial burden.

Lau does not have a steady income and depend mostly on contributions from his siblings to take care of their mother.

Lim said: “I have lived in poverty and hardship before, and I understand the predicament Lau is going through. Thankfully, there are still caring

people out of there who are sympathetic and willing to help. This spirit of giving back to society by helping others, irrespective of race or religion, is indeed noble.”

Lim is carrying out his 720th act of charity since retiring from the Marine Police several years ago.

He said poor families needing coffins for the funeral of a departed family member can contact him on 082-248153 or 016-8070388.

These coffins are purchased using donations from Good Samaritans and placed at a coffin shop in Kuching.

Among those who had received such assistance were families in Mantung Marau, Serian and a village at Jalan Puncak Borneo.

“So far, 15 coffins have been delivered to places as far as Bau, Serian and Sri Aman,” Lim revealed.