Saturday, September 23

S4S an expression of love for one’s homeland — Co-founder


MIRI: Sarawak for Sarawakian (S4S) co-founder Erick Chin says there is nothing wrong with the ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’ slogan, which is a call to express their love for their homeland.

Speaking at a forum, ‘Road to Referendum’ at Pustaka Miri recently in conjunction with World Human Rights Day, Chin said S4S’ intention and love for Sarawak, had been twisted and misunderstood, and worst, wrongly interpreted by certain parties.

“S4S is similar to the Malaysia for Malaysians slogan. Its main intention is to protect the rights of Sarawakians and not to offend anyone,” he said.

Chin expressed his disappointment over the twisted fact.

S4S is generally for Sarawakians of all races and religious background. Therefore, it is unfair for people to prefer to it as belonging to certain races.

“Even the Chinese community misunderstood it; that the referendum the movement proposed would be used by the government to abolish Chinese education. Such statement is incorrect,” Chin said.

He praised many people, especially Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How who proposed the referendum bill in the DUN although it was later rejected.

He said based on the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Right, a referendum is a right that every human being has to voice out whether they agree or oppose an issue.

“Instead of making more political dramas, it is time to listen to the voice of the people, and make the necessary changes. If no changes are made for the betterment of the people, it would be difficult to achieve the goal of a successful nation,” said Chin.