Saturday, December 9

UPP gives thumbs up to upgraded ‘Talikhidmat’


MIRI: United People’s Party (UPP) Pujut branch chairman Bruce Chai has lauded the state government’s one-stop service ‘Talikhidmat’, which has become more people-friendly after undergoing upgrades.

Chai compared the current service as being better than before, adding that the latest version has created a ‘more interactive opportunity’ between customers and government agencies via mobile application.

“Previously, customers could only upload their complaints; however after the upgrade, the updated application enables customers to give feedback. I think that it is great as people’s opinions matter a lot in enabling the one-stop service to operate better,” he said.

The one-stop service, Chai viewed, is one of the great efforts by the state government in reaching out to the people.

“A lot of times, the people have no idea where to voice out their complaints. With the convenience provided by TaliKhidmat, these complaints can easily reach to the respective government agencies.

“For example – the city council took swift action after having received public complaints on issues under the jurisdiction of the council. With such prompt action, we could easily observe that it (Talikhidmat) is a good platform for the people and the government,” added Chai.