Expedite survey of ‘strategic’ NCR land near Katibas bridge – DAP Kapit


An aerial view of the land in question.

KUCHING: The DAP in Kapit is calling on the Land and Survey Department to expedite the survey of native customary rights (NCR) land near the Katibas bridge in Song, pursuant to the owners obtaining land titles under the provision of Section 18 of the Land Code.

DAP Kapit coordinator Paren Nyawai said the lots in question are Lot 1913 (BP 7/165) and Lot 1895 (BP 7/165). The lots are in Ngapan and Tada areas in Katibas, Song and involve the NCR land of longhouse folk in Nanga Sepadi and Nanga Engkabau.

“The perimeter survey works on the individual lots are needed urgently as the areas are strategically located along the new road from Song to Kapit going through the Katibas bridge, which was declared open  in July this year.

“We urge the government, through the Kapit Land and Survey Department, to expedite the surveying works so that the residents can be given titles to their NCR land.

“Moreover, the government has allocated RM30 million for the cost of doing perimeter surveys under the new NCR Land Initiative programme,” said Paren.