JKKKs serve to create independent, proactive society, says Masir


Masir (third left) hands over the government grant to a JKKK member, as others look on.

SRI AMAN: The setting up of a village development and security committee (JKKK) across the state is a strategy to create a society that is independent and proactive in development.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Datuk Masir Kujat defines the JKKK as an administrative body holding a vital role as a basic administrative machinery.

“This is why it is essential for any JKKK head to obtain skills training in all aspects of administration, management and development towards creating a JKKK with vision, independence, productivity and success.”

“Competent leadership and management are the main factors and are critical to increase the development of a village in a progressive and orderly manner. This is because the JKKK institution is the focal point for government communications when it comes to channelling their projects over,” Masir, who is also Sri Aman MP, spoke during a ‘Leaders with the People’ session hosted by JKKK Rumah Pilen Kadir in Kampung Abok Tekalong yesterday.

The deputy minister added that community leaders must be more aware of what is happening around them.

“Their job is made more challenging by the rapid changes in economic knowledge, globalisation and the ICT,” he said.

Later, Masir announced an allocation of RM50,000 for the JKKK to repair their longhouse and purchase corporate shirts.