Wednesday, December 6

Most riverine villages in Bintulu flooded


The inundated main road of Kampung Baru Laut.

BINTULU: Most riverine villages in Bintulu were flooded on Tuesday evening following hours of heavy rains and strong winds coinciding with high tides that caused Kemena River to overflow its banks.

The situation forced the evacuation of eight families comprising 22 people in Kampung Sebuan Besar Jepak to Kampung Jepak multi-purpose hall after their houses were flooded.

Another nine people from two families were evacuated to Bintulu Civic Centre.

By 8pm, almost all low-lying villages were inundated including the roads.

Among the affected villages were Kpg Jepak Hulu, Kpg Jepak Hilir, Kpg Sebuan Kecil, Kpg Baru, Kpg Sinong, Kpg Masjid, Kpg Datuk, Kpg Iran Suai, Rh Augustine Lamau, Tg Batu and old town areas.

Netizens were busy updating and posting on social media photos of flooding in their housing areas.

The relevant authorities including some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) responded by assisting the flood victims.

The state Disaster Management Committee Secretariat in a statement said the two evacuation centres had been closed as of 9am yesterday after the flood water receded.

Nevertheless, the people are advised to be extra vigilant and follow instructions issued by the local authority.Two primary schools in Tatau – SK Kuala Tatau and SK Kuala Serupai -were also affected by flash floods on Tuesday evening due to high tides but the situation was under control.

Tatau Fire and Rescue Department personnel were monitoring the flood situation in Kpg Baru Tatau.

The disaster operations room in Bintulu has been activated to face possible disasters in areas at risk of floods and landslides.