Thursday, July 18

Parents/Guardian’s Code of Ethics needs to be expanded


KUALA LUMPUR: The Parents/Guardian’s Code of Ethics submitted by the National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) needs to be comprehensive to include procedures in visiting schools and interaction of parents with teachers and students.

1Malaysia Young Teachers president Rahmat Sholihin Mokhtar said the code of ethics was a reference to a complete guideline that explains the role of parents, students and school authority.

“For example, previously many teachers are more tolerant by giving parents the flexibility to meet with their children in school at any time because they have regarded them as friends.

“However nowadays parents take advantage of that ‘goodwill’ with cases of intruding into the school, parents entering the school and interrupt the learning process and some teachers even receive threats through telephones,” he said when contacted by Bernama yesterday.

On Wednesday, NUTP submitted the proposed Parents/Guardian’s Code of Ethics to to the Education Ministry and it should be expedited to protect the welfare of teachers.

Rahmat Sholihin said the code of ethics was important for teachers in enabling them to carry out their responsibilities as educators effectively without any negative elements to jeopardise their duties.

Meanwhile, Federation of Peninsular Malay Students (GPMS) president  Zambri Mohd Isa said apart from supporting the Parents/Guardian’s Code of Ethics, GPMS also wanted the establishment of the Education Commission to be expedited to improve the overall education system.

It should be in line with changes in the national education policies that often occured with a change in leadership at the ministry level.

“We see there are still weaknesses in the current state education direction after receiving feedback from parents and teachers despite having a Malaysian Education Development Plan (2015-2025).

“For example in the case of Cikgu Azizan, no standard operating procedure (SOP) was done by the ministry to evaluate and conduct internal investigations first before this case is produced in court,” he said. — Bernama