Monday, June 17

Cartoonists show solidarity against US Jerusalem move


Cartoonists express their sentiments on canvass. — Bernama photo

KUALA LUMPUR: About 100 local cartoonists expressed their protest against the United State’s action in recognising Jerusalem as the new capital of Israel by drawing massive cartoons at the National Museum.

“All the cartoonists who gather here today and tomorrow are to show their solidarity in defending Jerusalem by expressing anger, dissatisfaction and so forth in the form of cartoon drawings,” said Malaysian Cartoonist Foundation chairman Mohd Desa Omar or better known as cartoonist Juragan.

The ‘Malaysian Cartoonists Solidarity to Save Jerusalem’ programme was jointly organised with the National Museum in conjunction with the ‘Cartoons and Us’ exhibition that is currently held at the museum until April 15.

“This programme aims at showing the local community as well as the world that the cartoonists are also concerned about what is happening in Palestine,” Juragan told reporters at the launch of the programme here yesterday.

He said the works by cartoonists were featured on two white canvases, each measuring 13 square metres and would be on display throughout the exhibition.

National Museum director Azmi Ismail said cartoons provided effective medium in raising awareness on various issues in a catalytic, critical or intense manner.

For cartoonist Shaari Sulong, 44, or Aie, he wanted to tell the world that cartoonists were voicing their concern albeit in a non-violent way.

“The government has done what it should be doing (in voicing protests). So our efforts are just to continue the momentum so that this issue (Palestine and Jerusalem) will not be easily forgotten.

“We use our gifts (in drawings) to visually express our thoughts and try to do it as critically as we possibly can to, hopefully, affect the perpetrators (US administration),” he explained.

Aie said his work featured popular Yoda character from the Star Wars movie telling President Donald Trump that he was ashamed of continuous lie of the US leader and his administration on the Palestinian issue.

“The long lie is represented by the long-wood nose similar to the Pinocchio character.

“Yoda is small in size and portrays Trump as bullying those who are smaller than him and his actions are shameful,” he said. — Bernama