Former Sukma champ wants one more shot


Pei Wee Chung

KUCHING: Former Sukma champion and independent shuttler Pei Wee Chung is still harbouring his dream to make the top 40 of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) men’s singles ranking.

The 1992 Sukma men’s singles winner had his dream crushed in 2012 when he suffered a stroke.

Since then, Pei was forced to undergo rehabilitation and regular treatment to get back into shape.

Now 38 years old, he said his passion for badminton has not diminished. With “the fire” still burning inside him he is going to give his last shot in the sport.

“I am looking to make a comeback to competitive badminton by the middle of 2018 under the advice of my physician,” he told The Borneo Post.

He had been undergoing physical and mental training in Kuala Lumpur to prepare for the challenge.

“My physician advised me not to rush into things and to me, health comes first and I am now focusing on quality training instead of quantity training,” he said, adding that he is taking a more systematic approach involving sports science to his training programme.

“Of course, I cannot perform like when I was younger and to reach my goal, I need to make sacrifices such as being away from my family for long periods,” said Pei.

He will start competing in the Future Series which will be held mostly in Europe, then in the International Series before moving on to Challenger events.

Pei is grateful to a company in Kuala Lumpur for their support and sponsoring his salary, training fees and medical treatment.