Friday, December 13

Anxiety, excitement on first day of school for first-time pupils


Muhammad Fuad Jobli and his wife Hafiza Syaifa Yusuf (on his right) join their daughter Fasiha Aniela in a wefie with her friend Adeleeya Wilma (front, left) and her mother Ejlin Kelundek (left).

KUCHING: Children, being children, can easily show various forms of human emotions upon entering school for the first time. On school reopening yesterday, many first-time pupils appeared anxious, while several others were excited for the chance of meeting new friends and also their teachers.

The Borneo Post team went to several primary schools across the city yesterday to check on these pupils, who were among 39,231 children in Sarawak entering Primary 1.

The state Education Department said these newcomers were  among the 240,676 pupils entering primary schools in Sarawak yesterday.

A teacher greets her new batch of pupils by handing out sweets.

A typical scene inside a Primary 1 classroom. — Photos by Muhammad Rais Sanusi

Pupils display various reactions upon entering their first day of primary school.