Friday, September 22

15 S Kalimantan Police Officers “Take Off Uniforms”


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: A total of 15 members of the police who served in the South Kalimantan Regional Police were forced to “take off uniform” alias fired for committing serious offences, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“I deeply regret that there is still Dismissal With Dishonor (PTDH) in 2017,” said South Kalimantan Police Chief Brigadier General Rachmat Mulyana in Banjarmasin on Thursday.

According to the police chief, what happened to unscrupulous police officers, who ultimately have to be sanctioned the heaviest, should be a material of evaluation together, so it does not happen to other members.

“I hope this year there will be no more violations, let alone PTDH,” he told Antara news agency.

According to Rachmat, a member who still commits an offense, it means he is not grateful for the favors of being destined to become a member of the Police.

“Whereas out there are millions of people who struggle and have dreams of serving in the Police, so be grateful to be chosen as members and the form of gratitude can be shown with good performance to achieve the achievement and reward,” he said.

The high-ranking police officer also asked his staff from Polda level until Kasatwil in the resort police to improve the guidance and supervision of the members, so as not to act outside the provisions.

The South Kalimantan Police’s Internal Affairs (Propam) recorded 232 members who committed disciplinary offenses throughout 2017. While those who entered the Code of Ethics Commission were 27 cases and 15 of them were fired, consisting of 14 non-commissioned officers (Bintara) and 1 First Officer (Pama).

Head of Propam AKBP Decky Hendarsono in Banjarmasin, said that the case of drugs and desertion (leaving the duty) still dominates the heaviest violations committed by members till they were dismissed.