Monday, April 22

Be wary of calls from unknown phone numbers – police


KOTA KINABALU: Police have advised the public to be cautious when receiving calls from unknown telephone numbers as they may be victim of scam calls.

City police chief ACP M. Chandra said the modus operandi of the perpetrator would be to identify himself or herself as either a bank officer or representative of a government agency or department.

“The scammer will then tell the victims that their identification has been compromised or that their credit card has been used.

“The scammer will then instruct the victims to deposit a sum of cash into an account provided by the scammers,” he said, adding that the scammer would normally give the potential victims a short period of time to act to prevent them from having any suspicion of the scam.

The victims will only realise that they have fallen victims after transferring their money into the fake account and all effort to contact the ‘so-called officer’ (scammer) failed.

Chandra therefore reminded the public to be careful when receiving calls from unknown individuals.

“Do not give out your personal data or information to unknown individuals and always verify the authenticity of the calls,” he said.

For further inquiries, the public can contact the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) hotline: Bukit Aman at 03-2616 3999, or the Kota Kinabalu Police Contingent (IPD KK) at 088-318 843 or 088-221 191.