Primary 6 classes resume at SK Bukit Balai


Photo shows the flooded compound of SK Sungai Genaan. – Photo from PPD Sebauh

BINTULU: Primary 6 classes at SK Bukit Balai in Sebauh District resumed yesterday after flood waters receded.

An update from the Sebauh District Education Office (PPD Sebauh) said Primary 1 to 5 pupils, however, were asked to remain at home until further notice.

Work to clean up the classrooms also began yesterday.

The school has 348 pupils, 27 teachers, and 13 non-academic staff.

SK Sungai Genaan, the other school in Sebauh District to close due to flooding, remained closed as the school compound was still under some four feet of water.

The school has 25 pupils, 11 teachers and six non-academic staff.

Although affected by flooding, SK Ulu Segan continued to operate as usual.

In a statement, the State Disaster Management Committee secretariat said as of noon, the other four schools that remained closed were SK Sungai Bong (Baram), SK Kuala Bok (Baram), SK Nanga Bon (Sibu), and SK Kuala Kenyana (Mukah).

The Civil Defence Force here is also keeping a close watch on soil erosion at Rumah Benet at KM3 1/2 Jalan Sepaduk, Sungai Tisang.

The longhouse is home to seven families comprising 31 residents.