Thursday, June 27

Soil erosion occurs near Rh Kawin


Photo shows the soil erosion near Rumah Kawin.

KAPIT: Soil erosion occurred recently near the 21-door Rumah Kawin in Nanga Peraran, Song, which is home to 180 residents.

The soil erosion occurred on a slope around five metres away from the back of one family’s home.

The affected spot covers an area of around 20 by 40 metres.

A team comprising police and Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) personnel went to the scene to investigate after receiving a report.

The longhouse folk have used plastic sheeting to cover the affected area to prevent further erosion.

Bomba has also cordoned off the affected area as a reminder to longhouse folk to stay away.

At present, there have been no instructions for the longhouse folk to evacuate.