PH Sarawak manifesto promises many benefits to Sarawakians


SIBU: Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sarawak has released its ‘Manifesto Part II’. The eight-page document, themed ‘A New Deal for Sarawak’, promises lots of benefits to Sarawakians should the PH win in the 14th general election (GE14).

In reading out the manifesto yesterday, PH Sarawak secretary Alan Ling Sie Kiong said the ‘New Deal for Sarawak’ outlined the path towards the transformation of Sarawak.

He said the PH agenda, first and foremost, would be to address and dismantle the two fundamental pillars that BN had continued to employ in deceiving Sarawakians and sustaining its grip over Sarawak – the stripping of territorial integrity and the abrogation of powers.

“In this regard, we propose two restorative pillars to heal the festering wounds of 55 years in Malaysia; that is, the restoration of territorial integrity and the devolution of powers,” he said at the inaugural PH Convention here yesterday.

The devolution of powers would cover areas including trade and commerce, fiscal decentralisation (taxation and public revenues), ‘Borneonisation’ of the civil service and a competent Sarawak, sports, education, health, social security, civil infrastructure development, natural resources (oil and gas) and tourism.

On education, Ling said PH would uphold the National Education Policy.

“To improve service delivery of education for the benefit of the children and youths in Sarawak, we shall return the decision rights in education to Sarawak.”

He said based on the needs and demographics of Sarawakians, the new policies would be implemented to benefit both rural and urban students alike.

In the health system, Ling said PH would encourage open competition on the procurement process of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, as well as the supply services.

“We will also improve and upgrade all hospitals in Sarawak and equip them with cancer and heart centres.” Ling said PH would also ensure adequate resident doctors in all rural and district hospitals and also improve clinics with upgraded facilities, professional medical services and medicines.